Greater Together

Who We Are

Greater Together is a creatively-driven coalition dedicated to creating awareness, hope and ideas to promote racial and economic equality in greater Milwaukee. We are the originators of the Greater Together Challenge, a semi-annual competition focused on generating ideas to promote racial and economic equality in greater Milwaukee.

The Results

2014 was a strong start for Greater Together. Nearly 130 ideas were submitted to the Greater Together Challenge. Selected by a panel of experts, activists, and the Greater Together Coalition Leadership, 15 finalists presented their ideas at Turner Hall on October 13, 2014. The voted-on winner, Nichole Yunk Todd of Universal Driver’s Education, received a $5,000 cash prize to help support the project and bring it to life.

What’s Next

While Greater Together began as a campaign, the seriousness of the issues and the originality of our approach has led to a call to make Greater Together an ongoing initiative. The next phase of development for Greater Together is strategic planning input sessions. The input sessions will be varied in topics and designed to generate input from experts, community members and those involved in the Greater Together initiative over the past year. Greater Together has created a discussion guide that focuses on designing a sustainable approach and maximizing the impact of Greater Together in 2015 and beyond.