Challenge Overview

GT Winner - Nichole Yunk Todd

The Greater Together Challenge was an open contest of ideas and part of a larger, fiercely non-partisan campaign to raise awareness related to Milwaukee’s legacy of segregation and racial and economic inequality. It was a solution-driven initiative that sought to put these issues at the center of public dialogue in Milwaukee.

Fifteen finalists were chosen and paired with a professional creative team and a spokesperson to present at the Greater Together Challenge Event that took place at the Turner Hall Ballroom on Oct. 13, 2014. At the event, the 15 finalists had four minutes each to share an idea with the audience, civic leaders, advocates and experts and were judged on the below:

Is the idea clear and understandable?
(1-10) (confusing – crystal clear)

What is the strength of the idea?
(1-10) (little impact – high impact)

Is it feasible?
(1-10) (not feasible – very feasible)

Is the person or group pitching the idea able to play a role in driving for implementation?
(1-10) (lacks commitment – highly committed)

Can the idea gain public support?
(1-10) (unlikely – very likely)

The sponsor of the winning submission received a $5,000.00 cash prize and move to the next phase of implementation. A Greater Together Foundation was created to sustain focus on the key social justice issues and to raise funds for as many of the winning ideas that require support, financially and otherwise, as possible.

event photos