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Community Dialogues on Segregation

Segregation is difficult to talk about, let alone combat. As a community, we are in desperate need of tools that will help us negotiate our differences. Safe places to talk openly. Opportunities to connect across borders. New ways to help Milwaukee thrive.

That’s why the Greater Together Coalition has partnered with the Zeidler Center for Public Discussion to offer facilitated dialogues on segregation in the Milwaukee area. Professional facilitators from the Zeidler Center will support your small group in a conversation that focuses on discussion, rather than debate, on building a thriving community that honors and responds to the diverse concerns of residents of greater Milwaukee.

We have two main goals for these community discussions on segregation: 1) Create greater trust through new ways of communication across sectors and neighborhoods in our city. 2) Assist groups to shape their ideas into a workable proposal for the Greater Together Challenge (deadline September 7!)

Interested in taking part? Groups are forming now throughout September! Contact the Zeidler Center to set a date for your small group discussion, or to consult about your proposal for the Greater Together Challenge.

The Zeidler Center can be reached at info@zeidlercenter.org or call (414) 446-1502. Also, visit us online at www.zeidlercenter.org.

The Zeidler Center proudly recognizes our sponsors for this dialogue series: The Greater Together Coalition, Northwestern Mutual Foundation, and the Greater Milwaukee Foundation.

Check back frequently for updates on these small group dialogues! And save the dates: Sunday, October 5 (afternoon) City-wide dialogue “Building Thriving Community: Beyond Segregation in Milwaukee” Tuesday, October 7 (evening) Greater Together Challenge event

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Frank Zeidler Center
The Frank Zeidler Center for Public Discussion is a nonprofit entity that seeks to provide opportunities for all citizens to engage in healthy public conversations that contribute to the upbuilding of community. We serve the greater Milwaukee area by training group facilitators, sponsoring public events, and professionally facilitating discussions within and among groups. We also encourage mutual support of the many groups in the Milwaukee area who are committed to strengthening the community through respectful interaction.

Director Bio:

Dr. Katherine Wilson Dr. Katherine Wilson was named Executive Director of the Zeidler Center in April 2013. At the Zeidler Center, she leads facilitated dialogues on issues of importance for the Milwaukee community including racial reconciliation, gender and sexuality, war, abortion, immigration, and poverty. She also consults internationally in peace-making efforts in post-atrocity zones. Her Ph.D. in English Modern Studies, from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, focused on genocide and survivor testimony. Her forthcoming book is entitled, “The World Literature of Atrocity.”

Contact: katherine@zeidlercenter.org; www.zeidlercenter.org

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