Creative Corps

How businesses engage in Creative Corps

  • Hosting 2-hour workshops at your business
  • Creating an outreach initiative at your business
  • Hosting a tour of your business
  • Offering an internship at your business

How professionals engage in Creative Corps

  • Becoming an AIGA/Greater Together Mentor
  • Creative Industry Brainstorms and Community Dialogues
  • Inviting students and families to tour their businesses
  • Sharing your passions in a classroom visit

Creative Corps Summer Program Prototype

AIGA/Greater Together’s last program of the 2015/16 season was to prototype our Creative Corps program.

The program sounded great on paper, but we wanted to give it a trial run to help the approach. We partnered with The Boys and Girls Clubs of Milwaukee to recruit the students. The City of Milwaukee had a program in place to pay them minimum wage for their efforts.

Our overview shared with stakeholders

Our method combines traditional internships with an overarching design challenge project focused on making Creative Corps effective and scalable. It is scoped in a way that facilitates exposure to design method, and mentorship with young creatives of color.


The program focused on 5 students – high school seniors or recent graduates – and paired them with 5 agency partners in:

  • Advertising
  • Design
  • Film
  • Non-profit Marketing

They were encouraged to explore the full-range of job opportunities at each of the agencies.

Lessons & Takeaways:

  • 6-week program
  • Kids were paid for their time
  • An emphasis on basics is important: dress, attitude, vocabulary, timeliness
  • The exposure itself proved to be valuable
  • Every student was surprised at the range of jobs at the agencies

AIGA/Greater Together’s plans to sharpen Creative Corps for summer 2017 and explore the potential of partnering with Milwaukee Public Schools to create a High School for Design and Innovation.

"I was surprised that people were interested in my opinion."

-Savannah Gibson
CC Intern

"CC helps demonstrate our commitment to making the community better and the industry stronger."

-Kelly Klawonn
Hanson Dodge

Create Corps gives creative businesses an opportunity to share their passion and talent with young people of color.

"I had no idea how different types of talented people work in a creative business."

-Earnest Cleveland Winters
CC Intern

"I never knew people could actually like what they do."

-Brandon Smith
CC Intern

"This experience has taught me that I can have a voice."

-Savannah Gibson
CC Intern