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Traditionally known for our beer and bratwurst, Milwaukee has a new national reputation: the country’s most segregated urban area.

“We may think of segregation as a matter of ancient Southern history: lunch counter sit-ins, bus boycotts and Ku Klux Klan terrorism,” Daniel Denvir writes in

“But as the census numbers remind us, Northern cities have long had higher rates of segregation than in the South, where strict Jim Crow laws kept blacks closer to whites, but separate from them. Where you live has a big impact on the education you receive, the safety on your streets, and the social networks you can leverage.”

“The 10 most segregated urban areas in America”
By Daniel Denvir,, March 29, 2011 slideshow on the most segregated cities

Denvir’s article is based on a report from the University of Michigan on the largest metropolitan areas (populations over 500,000): William Frey, “New Racial Segregation Measures for Large Metropolitan Areas: Analysis of 1990-2010 Decennial Census,” University of Michigan Population Studies Center, Institute for Social Research.
Report Findings (Excel Spreadsheet)