Greater Equity 2030

Introducing Greater Equity 2030

Become a business partner.
Make a commitment to the challenge of a decade.

The future deserves full participation
Together we are going to increase the diversity of Milwaukee’s creative occupations, and we want you to be involved! Milwaukee’s leading creative businesses and organizations with creative departments are coming together to make a measurable impact on diversity.

It is well accepted that the economic vitality of cities in the U.S. is sustained by the heartbeat of its creative culture. Unfortunately, we also know that people of color are tragically underrepresented in Milwaukee’s creative occupations, and the degree to which was never truly understood.

Until now. 

To help us understand our challenge, we worked  with Dr. Marc Levine and the University of  Wisconsin-Milwaukee Center for Economic Development to create the first report on racial inequities in Milwaukee’s creative occupations.

We started with three questions:


What are the racial inequities within Milwaukee’s creative occupations?
The findings are clear: people of color are significantly underrepresented in the Greater Milwaukee creative sector relative to their overall occupancy in the labor market.


What do we need to accomplish in order to get to racial equity? 

The research tells us that it will take an estimated  increase of around 1,600 Blacks and Latinx employed in Milwaukee’s creative occupations for the workforce in those jobs to mirror the share of  racial minorities in Milwaukee’s overall workforce. 


How can we create the1,600 jobs needed?

Introducing Greater Equity 2030

We are building on the legacy of the Greater Together Challenge with the introduction of Greater Equity 2030. The mission of this program is to work with Milwaukee business leaders to build a creative economy where everyone has the  opportunity to participate and prosper. 

Our Creative Corps internship program focuses on increasing the pipeline

We will be partnering with Milwaukee Public Schools and the City of Milwaukee to organize summer internships for our business partners. These internships will focus on providing opportunities for historically underrepresented  groups.

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A challenge to walk the talk 

Greater Equity 2030 is a challenge to creative leaders to make a real-world commitment to adding 1,600 positions  by the year 2030 focused on greater diversity. 

Business partners will agree to:

  1. Assign a Greater Together liaison
  2. Work toward recruitment, hiring and cultural best practices
  3. Sponsor an open house for students
  4. Visit a classroom
  5. Participate in the internship program
  6. Display pledge in lobby and online
  7. Participate in annual planning

Greater Together will agree to:

  1. Organize annual strategy workshop to improve effectiveness
  2. Work with MPS and strategic partners to facilitate internship
  3. Make your support prominent in Greater Together marketing materials
  4. Supply a decal, lobby sign and website graphic stating your commitment to Equity 2030
  5. Participate in the internship program
  6. Display pledge in lobby and online
  7. Provide access to diversity, equity and inclusion programs, consulting, recruitment and internship resources

Business partners are asked to make an annual contribution:

  • Power Partners: $5,000
  • Business Partners: $1,000
  • Non-profit: $500



  • Creation of infrastructure
  • 5 Power Partners
  • 25 Business Partners
  • 30 Internships
  • 30 Businesses pledged and engaged


  • Baseline established by releasing research
  • Official launch with panel discussion
  • PR & media campaign
  • 30 Internships
  • 30 Businesses pledged and engaged


  • Build business relationships
  • Hire a director
  • Sign 2030 Partner Pledge
  • Get commitments
  • Land financial program support


  • Internship facilitation
  • Creation of welcoming cultures
  • Intern success
  • Ongoing engagement
  • Collective impact gatherings
  • Industry workshops
  • Annual progress report
  • Annual survey

$126,000 total

  • $50,000 from partners
  • $76,000 from sponsors

Greater Together is a nonprofit organization that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion in the creative industries in the Greater Milwaukee area. We embrace collaboration and creativity, and believe in inclusion, so everyone can participate, prosper and reach their full potential within the creative economy.

We are the originators of the Greater Together Challenge, a radically open competition of ideas focused on dismantling segregation in Greater Milwaukee.